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Tired of getting bombarded with spam texts?

If you own a cellphone, chances are you’ve experienced the irritation of spam texts. Federal law – specifically, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) – makes it illegal to send unsolicited text messages. Advertisers must obtain your consent before sending you texts. Often, they do this through sneakily placed “opt in” checkboxes that you may not have noticed. They must also give you the option to opt out at any time. If they don’t get your consent or respect your “opt out” preference, they can be held responsible.

If you keep getting spammed, you may be able to take legal action to stop the annoying texts and get compensation for trouble. We can help. At Schmierer Law Group, we provide relentless advocacy for consumers. Our attorneys focus 100 percent on consumer protection law and have a wealth of experience doing so. We can evaluate your spam text messages to determine whether you have a case for compensation under the TCPA. If the texts are from debt collection agencies, you may also have grounds for compensation under federal debt collection law.

What to do if you’re getting spammed

Here is what to do (and what NOT to do) if you’re getting spam texts:

  • Save the text messages: Save them in your phone and take screenshots. These will serve as critical evidence.
  • Don’t reply to them, except to stay “STOP”: If you keep getting texts after replying “STOP,” don’t send any further replies. Continue to document the spam texts.
  • Talk to our lawyers: You may have grounds for pursuing compensation.

Why work with us on your spam text claim

Our lawyers have in-depth experience fighting for consumers in class action claims. We’ve taken on powerful opponents – including Fortune 500 companies – and came out successful, securing class action verdicts in excess of $100 million. When it comes to standing up for consumers’ rights, we don’t get intimidated or overpowered.

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