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Beneficial debt collection letters every consumer should understand

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Consumer Protection

The credit reporting and debt collection process often feel unfair to consumers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provide some protections and avenues for consumers to address concerns. When it comes to dealing with collection agencies and credit reporting concerns, there are some letters every consumer should know about.

Here are a few letters to explore as you try to address your credit concerns.

Asking for further information

One letter that every consumer should know about is the one that requests more information from the collection agency. You have a legal right to details about the debt itself and its origins, including the original company, the date you supposedly incurred the debt and any proof that they have of your responsibility for it.

Stopping harassing phone calls

If a collection agency is calling you at work or harassing your family, that stress can be overwhelming. A letter demanding that they cease phone calls can help ease your anxiety. Collection companies can still send letters but must stop calling any phone number that you request.

Redirecting them to an attorney

If you have an attorney, you have a legal right to direct any collection agency calls to their office. This is particularly beneficial when you file for bankruptcy or dispute a debt.

Understanding the control you have over your consumer collections with these written notices can help you feel more at ease. Do not let debts and collection calls overwhelm you. Use letters like these to get more information or stop harassing phone calls.