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How can debt collectors contact me?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Firm News

Receiving a call from a debt collector can feel stressful, humiliating and frightening. Debt collectors can add stress to an already stressful financial time. According to Consumer Finance, many people do not know their rights when dealing with debt collectors.

Did you know that debt collectors have legal rules that dictate how they interact with you?

On the phone

Debt collectors cannot call you more than seven times within a week-long period. Once you speak to a debt collector, he or she cannot contact you again for at least seven days. The callers cannot call you continuously or send you harassing or threatening messages. When the collector first acquires the debt, he or she must send a validation notice. The validation notice includes all identifying information of the collector, the account number and an itemization of your debt.

Through social media

Many people are surprised when a debt collector contacts them through social media. Debt collection companies can get you through private messages on your Facebook. The rules state that the collector cannot publically discuss your debt. The messages stay private.

You should never have to wonder who the debt collection agent is. He or she should provide identifying information when trying to add you to social media. You do not have to discuss your debt over social media. If you want him or her to stop contacting you, the collection agent must provide an easy way to opt out of conversations and further contact on social media.

Collection agencies may also leave you a limited-content message. The limited-content message has the business name, telephone number and a request to call back. A limited-content message does not indicate the person’s role as a debt collector.